About us

" Once Upon a Fragrance " is more than just a perfume brand. It's a spiritual, initiatory and holistic journey of the senses lead by INSTINCT & EMOTION.

Staying in tune with these INTUITIONS is vital, as they inspire us to inspire you.

The bold nature of this collection guides your hearts and bodies to beat to the rhythm of elsewhere.

A breath of fresh air, a sensory experience of six fragrances that's allows anyone to invent their own dream journey according to their mood.

Fleeing standardization, our French perfume house unites Art and nature, artists and artisans to create a collection of fragrances as vibrant to wear as they are to collect.

Each and everyone now celebrates their heritage, claims their roots and creates virtuous interactions between cultures around the world.

Pick up a scent that's right for you and let our fragrance tell your story.